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A decadent escape into the heart of Africa. Excursions into pristine habitats create opportunities to witness some of the World's most incredible wildlife.


Wild elephants wander across the vast plains of Botswana with their predators leaving dusty trails in their wake.

Majestic pinks and oranges streak the sky as the sun sets. Opulent African safaris offer an unparalleled experience, with luxurious tents, full of charm and comfort, along with mouth-watering culinary delights.

Positioned perfectly for excellent game-spotting opportunities, well-appointed safari lodges create atmospheres of sheer magical brilliance.

Belmond trains offer a unique experience to witness some of the World's most majestic landscapes in the comfort of a five-star hotel on wheels.


With desirable routes, such as Cusco to Machu Picchu and London to Venice, these luxurious train cars are the best of both worlds.

Fine Dining, decadent private staterooms, upscale bars and world-class entertainment combine into a seamless traveling experience.

Enjoy sweeping views of mountain ranges, world-heritage sites, and iconic architecture through large glass windows in a serene and sumptuous train car.

The iconic Hotel Cipriani is one of Venice's most romantic venues. Ideal for Honeymooners and couples seeking a cozy retreat.


Descending upon Venice in a tranquil ballet of boats, the arrival at Hotel Cipriani is a tantalizing cinematic mystery.

Join together to admire the beauty of St Mark’s Square from across the lagoon, reveling in the uniqueness of our island sanctuary.

Michelin-star dining and seemingly boundless views of Venice come together to create a truly indulgent experience.

During the day, take part in the relaxed poolside festivities while sipping on an iconic Bellini, or find solace in sprawling gardens.

Hotel Cipriani gracefully harmonizes relaxation and artistry to craft a serene home away from home - one that has become legendary over time.

Perched on the mountain town of Ravello, Caruso offers an intimate venue with sweeping views of the Amalfi Coast.


Caruso, the 11th century palace in Ravello, stands proudly between an unblemished blue sky and sparkling sea.

It is a place of fables, where traditional frescoes and curved ceilings are entwined with the alluring vibrancy of contemporary Italian style.

This is a place where Amalfi culture thrives, producing new concepts and inspiring conversation.

Enjoy sipping on delicious aperitifs and savouring exquisite cuisine accompanied by ethereal music and cordial company. To say paradise has been located all along here would not be amiss.