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With its awe-inspiring views of Lake Como, the three dreamiest escapes here are Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Mandarin Oriental, and Villa d'Este. Grand Hotel Tremezzo's baroque-style villa boasts one of the most luxurious experiences imaginable with its heated infinity pool, exquisite spa, and magnificent grounds. The Mandarin Oriental is a paradise of contemporary Italian hospitality with an enchanting private beach and terrace garden overlooking the lake. Last but not least, Villa d'Este sits perched atop a hillside on one side of the lake, offering breathtaking views from wherever you look. If you're looking for a peaceful retreat to get away from it all, these three dreamy escapes at Lake Como are sure to do the trick.

#1 Mandarin Oriental, Lago di Como, Forbes Five-Star

Nestled by the sparkling waters of Lake Como, Mandarin Oriental, Lago di Como is an opulent estate composed of three Neoclassical villas, boathouses, and picturesque gardens spanning six acres. This lush destination has a fascinating history - it was once owned by famed opera singer Giuditta Pasta - and a unique sense of design that blends traditional style with contemporary touches like handmade wallpapers and marble detailing.


From the breathtaking gardens to the evening drinks at CO.MO lounge bar, you'll never want to leave this luxurious getaway. Delightful views of shimmering waters and rolling hills can be seen from all around the hotel, such as from L'ARIA restaurant, where diners enjoy stunning lake panoramas or loungers in a magnificent in-the-lake pool.

#2 Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Forbes Four-Star

Elegantly perched on the western shore of Lake Como, Grand Hotel Tremezzo towers over the crystal-clear waters with a stunning view of the Bellagio and Grigne mountains. Founded in 1910 by Enea Gandola and Maria Orsolini, it has maintained its reputation as a family-run luxury hotel for more than a century.


The audacious Orsolini envisioned the property to be modern and sophisticated, pioneering electric elevators, central heating, and private bathrooms in every room - setting a new standard for opulence in the area. This legacy is kept alive today with its 90 rooms, two villas, and five restaurants capturing an immersive blend of traditional Italian flair with contemporary decor and attentive service.


Revered as an exclusive oasis, this Lake Como antiquity celebrates its heritage through lavish Como silk, artful restorations by local craftsmen, and an expansive botanical garden and park – all complemented with picturesque views.

#3 Villa d’Este, Lago di Como, Forbes Four-Star

Overlooking Lake Como, Villa d’Este is an iconic 16th-century property that has caught the eye of royalty for centuries. Once home to a wealthy cardinal, over time, it changed hands among various aristocrats. In 1815, it was purchased by Caroline of Brunswick, Princess of Wales, and made into a luxury hotel in 1873.


Today, Villa d’Este is known for its privacy and discretion. It offers 152 rooms adorned with artwork and antiques from previous owners and offers spectacular views of the lake from its picturesque pool that floats on top of the water. Notable guests have included Queen Beatrix of Holland, Bruce Springsteen, Barbra Streisand, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, Robert De Niro, and George Clooney--just to name a few!

A Little More About Lake Como

Lake Como is a mere 80 kilometers (50 miles) from Milan, the bustling Italian capital. It's easily accessible to travelers, whether they're coming by train or car. The journey will bring you through winding roads with spectacular views of rolling hills and stunning villages that make the trip much more fulfilling. Visitors to Lake Como can enjoy all it has to offer, from its historical villas along the shoreline - some of which date back centuries - to its world-renowned restaurants serving up delicious local Cuisine. The lake's crystal clear waters offer unbeatable opportunities for sunbathing and swimming during your stay.

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